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Fluorosilicones (or FVMQ) are a class of silicone rubber with fluorocarbon pendant groups. They have a greatly improved chemical resistance compared to standard silicone rubber. Fluorosilicones provide excellent resistance to fuel and oil in operating temperatures from −50 °F to +400 °F.

Fluorosilicone can be blended with various other silicones, fillers and curing agents to meet tough industry specifications.

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Fluorosilicones are recommended in applications where improved chemical resistance is needed. These include:

  • Connectors for cables and fuel pipes
  • Seals and gaskets for fuel tanks
  • Inner liners for turbo charger hoses for cars and trucks

O-rings, gaskets, seals and precision-molded parts for applications that resist swelling

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We compound high-quality, ready-to-process fluorosilicones that can be compression or injection-molded, extruded and calendered into almost any size, shape and thickness.

At our large testing facilities, we can test a specific formulation catering to your manufacturing process.