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Silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers can be converted into sponge. SILMIX® unique sponge technology can be cured with peroxide or platinum. We produce silicone sponge of densities below 0.5 g/cm³ and can meet the scope of ASTM D1056 specifications.

Talk to us about silicone sponge with great compressibility, low moisture absorption and excellent thermal stability from -50 °F to +400 °F.

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Our high-quality silicone sponge can replace silicone rubber when compressibility and light weight are desirable. Typical applications include:

  • Gap fillers and lightweight profiles for aerospace applications
  • Highly compressible sealing strips and silicone gaskets
  • Enclosure sealing, architectural seals and profiles
  • Lightweight wires and cables

Talk to us about our sponge materials for aerospace, automotive, wire and cable, consumer and other markets.

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We compound high-quality, ready-to-process silicone sponge that can be compression or injection-molded and extruded into almost any size, shape and thickness.

At our large testing facilities, we can test a specific formulation catering to your manufacturing process.