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Compounding phenyl
silicones for you

Phenyl silicone – or methyl phenyl silicone – is a polydimethylsiloxane with phenyl groups. The phenyl content improves various properties such as oxidation resistance, thermal stability, shear resistance and optical clarity.

The most prominent characteristic is flexibility at extreme temperatures, with operational ranges between -90 °F to +500 °F.

And, when blending phenyl silicone with fluorosilicone, we can further enhance the design of your product.

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Phenyl silicones are the best fit when improved performance at low temperatures is required. This makes them ideal for use with connectors for cables and sealing for automotive and aerospace markets.


We compound high-quality, ready-to-process material that can be compression or injection-molded and extruded into almost any size, shape and thickness.

At our large testing facilities, we can test a specific formulation catering to your manufacturing process.