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Compounding standard
silicones for you

Our standard solid silicone rubber compounds are made with polydimethylsiloxanes (VMQ) in which a small number of methyl groups are replaced by vinyl groups.

The unique property profile includes a broad operating temperature range (-65 ºF to +500 ºF), chemical inertness with no odor or taste, excellent compression set, a vast array of colors, water repellency, dielectric properties and excellent resistance to environmental weathering.


We premix our compounds with peroxides or platinum catalysts for ease in processing.


We can customize our standard silicones with a wide array of stabilizers, processing aids and colorants.


We can customize and reinforce our silicone compounds with various fillers such as ground quartz, carbon black and HDK® pyrogenic silica.

HDK® pyrogenic silica from WACKER increases the mechanical properties and the flame resistance of our compounds.

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Standard silicone compounds have applications such as turbocharger hoses, wire and cable, seals, gaskets, medical devices and consumer products.

Talk to us about how our high-quality silicone rubber grades can work for you in food, medical or military applications.

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We compound high-quality, ready-to-process standard silicone that can be compression- and injection-molded, extruded and calendered into almost any size, shape and thickness.

At our large testing facilities, we can test a specific formulation catering to your manufacturing process.